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Feature products - enable products in POS to preview -
There should be a lot more visible - Cory
Handling and freight

At this point, it will be on a case-by-case basis.  We may look at enabling some automatic freight calc in the future, but we need to put in the dimensions of (smaller) products we're going to sell online.

Payment options

Default payment options that are all enabled are - cheque, money order, direct deposit, SecurePay and PayPal.

Please advise PBSA which ones are NOT to be used.
Still working out with bank regarding SecurePay.  In the short term, we should be able to use PayPal now our issues with them have been resolved.

Stock Levels Global options A) Show all online when in stock B) Show all regardless of stock but only those in stock can be ordered C) Show all, order all D) can have back orders
A) Only items currently in stock should be shown
Pickup option Is offered? If so store pickup times need to be provided. Place an order to see example
Pickup times are the shop's opening times.

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