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E620 3spd E620 3spd Celeste Green

Code:BYK E620x3i GCG


ByK e620x3i

The e620 is essentially an extra-small adult’s bike. (Indeed, they suit smaller adults very well) Large wheels with a variable saddle height starting low, they’ll suit 10+ year olds. The three speed has an internally geared rear hub including a coaster (back-pedal) brake. Available in various colours including versions with mudguards and a rear rack - perfect for the ride2school!


  • Low saddle height for better centre of gravity and balance

  • Twist grip 3 speed

  • Front and rear hand brakes as well as a rear coaster (back-pedal) brake

  • Efficiently rolling tyres for an easier ride

  • Some models include mudguards and rear rack

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Price: $539.00 Each

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