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Jamis Coda Comp Femme 2018

Code: Coda Comp Femme 2018
Brand: Jamis


The Jamis Coda Comp Femme 2018 is the up-specced version of the ever-popular Coda Sport: it’s made from lighter weight steel with an alloy fork, but retains all of the Coda Sport’s appeal. It’s a go-to bike for city commuters who want something that’s durable, practical and rides smoothly. It also makes a great bike for rail trails or even some touring. And it’s got an “X-factor” that none of us here at Velo can really explain: when people throw a leg over this bike, they just like it. We don’t really have to sell these bikes, they sell themselves.


Reynolds 520 steel frame with a alloy fork makes it lightweight and smooth riding

Cable disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in wet and dry conditions

Very wide range of gears to get you over any hill

Fast rolling, puncture resistant tyres

Mounts for mudguards and racks, front and rear

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