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Kona Ute

Code: Ute
Brand: Kona


The Kona Ute 2017 will cart all sorts of things that you can’t carry easily on a normal bike - multiple kids, lots of groceries, ladders, surfboards, cartons of beer, the possibilities are endless. The Ute is a long-tail cargo bike, built tough, with good brakes and plenty of gears, and a long rear deck for your cargo. Bikes like this are gaining popularity here at Velo, as more people realise their potential as a workhorse of everyday life, perfect for the school drop-off, trips to the market, or to collect that bag of potting mix you’ve been meaning to get. Get rid of the car, or leave it at home more often.


  • High quality 7005 aluminium frame is lightweight and durable

  • Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power in any conditions

  • Comes with two huge and adapatable panniers to carry heaps of stuff

  • Double-leg kickstand so you can park it anywhere with ease, even when fully loaded. Kids can self-load.

  • Wide range of gears to get you and your luggage over any hill

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