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Scooters Micro Mini Deluxe

Code: Micro Mini Deluxe
Brand: Micro Scooter


The Micro Mini Deluxe will get your child scooting with confidence in no time due to its stable three-wheel design and intuitive ‘lean-in’ steering. Suitable for ages 2-5, they have a height-adjustable handlebar, which ensures easy control and means it will grow with your child. As well as having a smart Swiss design, Micro Scooters are well constructed, using quality materials, and backed by a two year warranty.

We’ve sold heaps of Micro Scooters at Velo over the years, and we’ve seen them perform reliably for many families; handed down, chucked on the ground, ridden to death, and still they keep going. We also stock spare parts like wheels and brakes, and are happy to install these when required.

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