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BIKE ACCESSORIES Quadlock Bike Kit Universal


Description: Don't risk the $467 fine!

If you use your phone for navigation on your bike, it must be held in a commercially available mount. And we consider there's none better than the Melbourne-designed Quadlock. Just twist-on to a firm 'click', or twist off to remove your phone. Many other mounting options available for car or other sporting use.

This universal version will adhere directly to your phone or most cases, so there's no need to worry if you update your phone or matching the unit to your current non-standard-brand phone. You can then position the mount on your stem or handlebars and go from there. The mount can be positioned semi-permanently using zip-ties, or you can swap from bike to bike using rubber bungee o-rings (all included).

"In 200m turn left at the roundabout..." could be an option for you with any ride.

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Price: $50.00 Each

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